Thursday, July 24, 2014


Friday came early this week (yesterday/Wednesday) when I became the recipient of this week's #ridicpicfridayz pic.

Co-workers Jessi and Robby have, for the last few months, created a fun weekly thing where they take some kind of awesome goofy picture and present it to an unsuspecting victim another co-worker. The themes of the pictures have ranged from putting Robby in a box marked "Robby 4 Sale" to recreating a picture of Dwight and Mose from The Office.

Each week the epic quotient of #ridicpicfridayz seems to build exponentially.

This week I received the best yet:

Jessi and Robby as Kirk and Spock

Jessi said they did their best to make it accurate. I'm not typically the "accuracy geek," but when it's Star Trek and you make the point of telling me... I sort of had to point out the inaccuracy of Robby's insignia. It's Command instead of Science. But that doesn't affect the shear awesomeness that is this pic.

I plan to frame my picture and hang it in the living room. It will cancel out all the Star Wars decor and level the playing field for the continual battle of Trek vs. Wars.

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