Friday, August 29, 2014

5 Friday: Watching Stuff (and things)

1. Red vs. Blue
We watched this occasionally in college then sort of lost track of it because life. We recently discovered it was on Netflix so we did some binge watching and just finished it this week. I have no idea what happened. I can't even review it because I have no idea what happened.

No, really, that last episode?

I. Have. No. Idea. What. Happened.

2. Bleach
Again, started watching in college then life. Found this on Amazon. Love it so much! Right now Ichigo is fighting the Captain of Squad 11.

3. Chuck
This started during my senior year of college and I hadn't heard of it, so I didn't start watching until, like, the last season it was on.

4. MeTV
I love this channel. It's the only channel I watch. I leave the tv on this channel so when it gets turned on I get to watch something awesome until Netflix loads. Sometimes, I turn the tv on intending to watch Netflix, but something awesome is on so I end up watching that instead. When we go to the gym I watch M*A*S*H (there are tvs on the treadmills), but when we don't go to the gym I watch M*A*S*H. In the mornings I watch I Love Lucy and Leave It to Beaver. Then there's Gilligan's Island, The Brady Bunch, The Rifleman, Rockford Files, F-Troop, Get Smart, etc. Did I mention I love MeTV?

5. Alternate watching
We've had some interweb issues at home this week which means no Netflix, so that's led to a bit of alternate watching (which includes MeTV). Our DVD player doesn't get much love (mostly because it's stupid and the husband is trying to convince me we need a blue ray player despite not owning any blue rays and I'm still fighting against that technological advancement) so we decided to watch some DVDs while the interwebs were out.

I recently finally bought Mary Reilly on DVD (my VHS copy started dying several years ago, but I can't bring myself to part with it) and it was in one of those combo packs with The Messenger, Agnes of God and something I forgot. I know of, but have never seen The Messenger and had never heard of Agnes of God. I started to watch Mary Reilly the other day, but it's on the same disc as Agnes of God so I watched that instead. It was interesting. Maybe I'll review it later.

We recently found a 2-pack of Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns. We watched Batman a couple months ago so we watched Batman Returns the other night. I'm not a major Batman fan, but I do enjoy the movies. My personal favorite is Batman Forever. My least favorite is Batman Returns. The Penguin is disgusting. I remember watching this one late summer night in high school and disliking it then. That hasn't changed.

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