Monday, August 11, 2014

Anniversary #3

We went to Six Flags St. Louis for our anniversary.

I haven't been to Six Flags since before I was tall enough to ride anything. My only memories of it are being able to ride something that went upside-down with my oldest sister, riding the pirate ship (now it's Joker Inc.), wishing I could ride the Ninja, and I vaguely remember going to watch a Looney Toons show with my dad while my mom went to see Carman with my sisters (I have a feeling that part isn't entirely accurate).

The husband had never been to Six Flags. Growing up in Kansas City he'd been too World's of Fun instead (which I've never been to).

So this was going to basically be a new experience for both of us.

We stayed at Holiday Inn right by Six Flags and got to the park before it even officially opened. Which was awesome because we got to ride several rides before lines even began forming. 

The hotel only had semi-drinkable coffee and we didn't want to chance the coffee at Denny's (anniversary breakfast with the senior citizens!).

No title needed. :)

The husband started an argument between Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. He mentioned something about duck and rabbit season and they started slap-fighting. 

We rode the Boss and both agreed never again. It was so bouncy and rocky that we both ended up with headaches and had to just walk around a bit. Nothing makes you feel as old as not enjoying a roller coaster.

The Ninja ended up a little disappointing, too. It wasn't as bad as the Boss, but whipping around curves kept smacking my head against the rest and I even cracked my neck against it really hard.

Mr. Freeze, however, was the ride I'd always hoped it would be!

After a while we started getting tired and taking pictures wasn't as important anymore.

By 4:30 the ride lines started lengthening. We waited 20-30 minutes to ride the Boomerang and Superman. We started to go ride the Screaming Eagle, but after a couple minutes in line we got to a point where we could see just how long the line was and realized it would probably be a good hour's wait. We decided we were done at that point and started heading toward the front of the park. We wanted to get an caricature portrait done but that would have been an hour's wait, too!


  1. I remember riding The Ninja and made a similar vow. Somehow I missed The Boss and Mr. Freeze (I suspect it's because I was always there for Young Christians' Weekend, when the lines for the popular things were about an hour long). Do they still have Screamin' Eagle?

    1. The, uh, last paragraph answers that.