Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I'm so alone: GenCon 2014

The husband is headed to GenCon today.

For 5 days.

He left me!

This is the first time since we've been married that we'll have been apart longer than a workday.

Not really worried, tho. This just means 5 days of Netflix binging, cleaning the house, and snuggling Missy. This also includes driving myself to work for 3 days. Something I haven't done in over a year. Not that I'm incapable of driving; I drive all the time, but, with only one car, the husband usually drives me to work then heads to work himself. I'm not sure I can remember how to get to work on my own.

I kid.

I'm awesome at directions.

While the husband is gone I'm doing a 5-day juice fast. Rebooting with Joe, baby!

I'm pretty stinking excited. I loved the juice fast I did last summer. It's just way too expensive to juice on a regular basis. So good, tho. Delicious.

The husband is planning what I think is a brilliant cosplay. Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Charlie Kelly from the Kitten Mittens commercial!

It's a pretty basic cosplay that hinges on his face and voice. I made him a "Kitten Mittons" product package based on the graphics from the video.

Not for sale, just for show.

Having some experience from last year gives us a better idea of how to prepare.

The husband bought several snack/food items that have been divided into 5 days. He's already got a copy of the food truck schedule and he knows they'll be going to Scotty's for dinner tonight because it's tradition.

He'll be co-running Rising Vs. this year, so if you're going to GenCon and looking for a fun zombie themed capture-the-flag game, now ya know.

He's planning to go to the TableTop Panel of Awesome. I've requested that he meet Wil Wheaton. That's all I really want. It's my birthday next week so I politely demand it in the form of a request.

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