Friday, September 12, 2014

5 Friday: Meh

I've been pretty meh this week. Antibiotics and pain meds for an infection created by a failed root canal (which has now been fixed).

I don't like that medicated feeling of not caring. I keep walking into the kitchen, seeing the dishes that need done, and think, eh, I can shove 'em in the dishwasher later. At work is the only place I've been productive all week (job security, y'know). When I get home I've been dragging my pillow and heating pad to the couch to spend the evening Netflixing and crocheting. I feel horribly lazy and I'm fully aware (even in my drugged state) of it, but I have no oomph. I hate that feeling.

1. Eureka
I've been rewatching Eureka on Netflix for the past couple weeks and finished it Sunday evening. I tweeted about it and how I missed them. Woke up to this reply Monday:

2. Crochet
I spent Saturday crocheting seasonal things. I started backwards with Christmas and worked my way thru Thanksgiving and Halloween. I got stuck on pumpkins. I've crocheted a couple different ones this week. After making one I decided it needed a black cat popping out of it.

3. Supernatural
After I finished Eureka I wasn't sure what to watch next and found myself watching some Supernatural. I'm getting a little antsy waiting for season 9 to be added before season 10 starts! I'm not really "rewatching" Supernatural so much as I'm watching some of the better episodes. I'm still on season 1 but I've probably skipped about half of them at this point. I miss the feel the show had originally, but I guess that happens when a show and characters grow. There used to be more standalone episodes and they were more "monster of the week" with little puzzle pieces thrown in leading toward a bigger picture. Now we're always focused on the bigger picture. Although, the Charlie episodes have been pretty good at breaking that up some. Plus, Felicia Day.

4. Binaural Beats
This stupid infection is keeping the lymph nodes so swollen in my neck that they press in on my windpipe and make breathing uncomfortable and the pain occasionally shoots into my head causing some really fun ice-pick headaches. At home I lay on my heating pad and take my pain meds. I can't do that at work (laying down on the job isn't really encouraged and the meds make me dizzy) so I've got a rice pack I microwave and binaural headache relief.

5. Jamberry
I've been participating in a Facebook Jamberry party for the last few days. I have a thing for nail art is how I got invited. I prefer taking the time to paint and design the nails myself, but this is a fun easy way to apply a pre-painted design.

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