Monday, November 24, 2014

Coffee addict, what?

The husband seems convinced lately that I'm addicted to coffee.


Like that's even a thing.

Just because I think about coffee during 50% of my waking life doesn't mean I have a problem. It means I have my priorities straight.

So, last weekend it was snowing and we were on a hunt to find a good gluten-free cookie mix and I said something about wanting to go home and put on a big pot of coffee to drink with my cookies and watch the snow. The husband mentioned something about an addiction. But, honestly, I wanted a delicious cup of peppermint hot cocoa with marshmallows on top, but I knew I there wasn't a healthy version I could have that wouldn't add to to the migraine I was already developing at the time or that would even taste remotely like hot cocoa, so I just picked the most delicious alternative and said I wanted coffee. It was for my health!

It doesn't help that he's cut back on coffee and become more mellow. That's cool. More coffee for me.

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