Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last year we had Taco-giving.

This year we're having a paleo Thanksgiving.
Well, basically everything my sister and I are making/providing is paleo. There will still be good ol' regular pumpkin and sweet potato pies made by my Mama and I'm sure some Hawaiian King roles.

Instead of turkey, Mama is fixing us each our own Cornish Hen. I'm not sure why, but she probably just wanted to try it. Personally, I never eat turkey on the day of Thanksgiving so I'm all for different meat.

As a side, I'm making chili pepper poppers, which is one of my favorite things to eat but least favorite to make. While cutting and cleaning the peppers the juices always seep into my hands and they turn red and burn for hours. But the deliciousness of the dish is worth it.

The husband and I made dessert breads as well. He likes to make cranberry sauce. Last year for Taco-giving he made cranberry salsa. This year he debated whether or not to make cranberry sauce because 1. it's not paleo with all the sugar he puts in it, 2. most of my family doesn't eat cranberry sauce, and 3. the ones that do tend to prefer canned over homemade. So this year I suggested making a cranberry bread because, hey, who passes up a good dessert bread? I found a recipe for paleo cranberry orange bread with glaze. I can't try it because of the orange (stupid citrus allergy), but it looks and smells amazing.

I made pumpkin banana bread. I usually make a crustless sugar-free pumpkin pie, but let's be honest, pumpkin pie isn't worth it without crust. Yeah, I know you can make paleo pie crusts, but I haven't found a good one yet that doesn't use nut flours (allergies). Which brings me to my apple crumble which is amazing! I only know this because I've made it 3 times in the past week. First on Saturday following the full recipe for the coconut flour crust and only making half the liquidy filling full of honey. It was pretty dry and the crust just crumbled, so I decided to make it as a dump cake for Thanksgiving. The husband insisted I had to do another trial-run as a dump cake, so I made it Monday night with only half the crust to just crumble on top and the full filling (all the honey). It was very moist, but very sweet. So, for my 3rd try, I've made it exactly according to recipe, but instead of making a pressed crust, I crumbled half the crust into the bottom, added the apples and filling, then crumbled the rest on top and added some butter to make it a proper apple dump cake. I'll let ya know how it goes.

We're having a later Thanksgiving dinner. More like actual dinner instead of lunch. Because my B-i-L has to work today. Amazingly the husband doesn't (he has a nice manager for once).

For breakfast- yeah, I'm actually making Thanksgiving breakfast- I'm making a grilled pepper dish and paleo cinnamon rolls. #omnomnom

Now, to watch the parade and spend the day hanging out for those I am most thankful for and love.

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