Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Paleo Dream

It's not what you think. It was literally a dream that involved being paleo.

So, in my dream I was in charge of some sort of team (probably FBI or DHS) attempting to track and take down this commune that thought of themselves as modern day Robin Hoods. They lived in the woods (which was this elaborately camouflaged underground compound, well decorated) and robbed from the rich to give to the poor -- they being the poor.

Basically, they went to grocery stores on a weekly basis to go grocery shopping, but held it up to steal all the food. That's all they took.

Some of my guys went to infiltrate the commune, but, of course, got caught and were forced to join the commune. I snuck in to save them and got caught as well. The leader had the options of either letting me go or killing me. He knew he couldn't let me go because I was apparently the key to bringing them down and he didn't want to kill me, so he was trying to convince me that I had to join them.

While discussing this, I noticed them feeding a toddler with some fake brand of Lucky Charms and I was disgusted that they would feed a child such awful food. It wasn't just a fake brand, but it was fake food filled with chemicals.

I talked to the leader and said I would agree to join them on one condition. They had to become a paleo commune. They had to start eating natural, garden-grown/grass-fed food. Which would also solve the problem of robbing grocery stores. The leader knew he had to agree because the only other options were releasing me (and letting me bring them down) or killing me, so he had to figure out a underhanded way to get his group to agree to my terms.

Apparently, paleo will solve crime.

I should write a mystery series called The Paleo Detective, or something.

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