Saturday, August 1, 2015

Designy Worky Things

I've been sort of MIA from the wide web world for the last few months because by 4:30 every day I've just been done being on a computer. Spending an evening with Netflix was so much easier.

I've spend the last 4 months designing the new Wide Open Missions Guide. It's based on our website, but I designed this sucker from the ground up. And love every moment of it. It only took 7 years post-college graduation to finally have the opportunity to use my degree in graphic arts. It's also been 7 years since I had even used Adobe InDesign; the last time I used it was CS2 and now it's up to CS6, so there was a bit of a learning curve. In college I never really got the point of InDesign, but, after using it to design a magazine, I see it as a designer's best friend.

This past week I finally got to see the fruits of my labor in print! I had nightmares about it over the previous weekend, so seeing it as it should be first thing Monday morning made for a great start to my week.

A major stress over the magazine for the last few weeks was that the goal had been to have it done in time to be at General Council 2015 in Orlando (starting this coming Monday). Two and a half weeks ago I finally got the OK to go to print and was given a no-go on getting it done in time to ship to Orlando, but then God is awesome and made it happen at the last second and it was printed and finished in time to be included on the truck. And the peasants rejoiced!

I've been designing plenty of other things in the mean time, but the magazine was my primary. I created a brand-new design for PFO/MT/MR back in June. It's no longer just an Excel sheet. It's a fancy tri-fold schedule with color and graphics. I've been learning to design online forms with Wufoo, which is awesome to use. As well as how to design a Guidebook app for our March and June events. And in the last 2 weeks I designed business cards for the online version of the Missions Guide in case it didn't get printed in time for GC2015.

On top of all my design-y things I'm also still processing MA/MAPS applications, so my full-time job is doubly full-time. A year ago I could get all my work done by lunch time every day and would spend the rest of my day trying to figure out how to stay busy. Now I start every day trying to remember where I left off the day before and determine what on my to-do list needs done first and what can wait. Some days I miss having nothing to do, but most days I love being super busy.

And then, on the days I think I'm not good enough or don't have time to do it all, I have Jon Acuff and Ralph the Yak to remind me how awesome my job is.

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