Friday, September 25, 2015

5 Friday: Annual Autumn Edition!


Of course I'm super freaking excited that it officially turned Autumn this week. You know it's my favorite!

This Autumn promises to be the best Autumn possible! Shall we count the 5 reasons why?

1. Bonfires
My sister and her family finally bought their bit of land out in the middle of nowhere's-ville earlier this year. We want to have bonfires out at her house because who wouldn't want to have a country bonfire?

We have a backyard now! I wanna get or make a fire pit and have a bonfire like every single night! Mmm, I'll just plan to have hotdogs and s'mores for dinner every day this Autumn.

2. Doctor Who
Doctor Who happens pretty much every Autumn, but now we have room so that we can host viewings! We're gonna host on Monday nights. Pretty stinking excited about this. I'm thinking this could probably roll into a game night and/or bonfires!

3. Raking leaves
We have a font yard and a back yard and even a side yard with trees. I'm totally thrilled about getting to rake leaves! And, yes, I am SO going to jump in the leaf piles!

4. Front porch
Oh yeah, we have a screened in front porch, baby. I'm currently working on evicting some spiders, but once they're gone I'm gonna enjoy sitting out there on chilly mornings while sipping my coffee. Missy already loves it, but until I do some minor repairs (such as a door latch so she can't escape) she's not allowed out without me.

5. Window seat
I'm dreaming of sitting on the window seat with Missy and watching the leaves turn and fall. I'm going to sip my coffee or hot cocoa while reading a good book. I already spent last Sunday doing that. I finished reading Son of a Witch (which I've been reading on and off for a couple years), then started reading the first Anne of Green Gables book.

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