Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cook Cove: Laundry Room

I took off work the Friday before our big final move to do a bunch of cleaning. Especially in areas like the laundry room where once everything was in place I likely wouldn't get the chance to do much deep cleaning. Good thing, too!

I was wiping down the walls when I decided to wipe down the pipe sticking out of the drain. It came up in my hand with no effort at all and I knew that couldn't possibly be right. On Saturday, after we got everything moved in, the husband, Daddy, and my b-i-l pulled up part of the floor in the laundry room and discovered a bunch of water damage around the drain. Turns out a previous owner (not the ones we bought the house from) had simply stuck a PVC pipe down a drain that wasn't designed to serve as the drain for the washer. The laundry room is located in what used to be a back porch and was enclosed who knows how many years ago.

Cue the laundry room renovation!

The husband got a little frustrated that within a week of closing we found a thing that had to be fixed immediately (not one of those "we can live with it for a while" things). But he also said this was the thing that suddenly made being homeowners feel real. I personally got excited because "the laundry room I eventually want to renovate" (it's the one room in the house that clearly didn't get the face-lift the rest of the house did) became "the laundry room I GET to renovate."

The husband and Daddy have spent the last week or so ripping up the damaged floor and figuring out how to rework the pipes. The owner who did the plumbing in there was clearly not a plumber.

Monday they finally got to shut the water off and do all the pipe work. After I dunno how many hours and trips to Lowes to pick up stuff they realized they didn't have, everything was together, glue was dry, and it was time to test . There were leaks. *wah-wah*

They figured out where the leaks were, but it was too late at night to get everything fixed, so we had to shut the water back off. We made strategic plans to turn the water back on Tuesday morning just long enough to get ready for the day. Since the husband had to work all day, my super green Daddy came back to do the repair work on the leaks so we can have water again.

Ah, the joys of new home-ownership!

But, no, really. It's awesome. I mean, seriously, who expects to buy a house that's nearly 100 years old and not have problems? We're just lucky/blessed that the immediate problem wasn't a ridiculously costly thing that we had to hire people to come fix. We're blessed to have awesome family that lives in town that can help us out. Daddy is helping every step of the way, including helping the husband become a fix-it man (I never knew he'd enjoy handy-man work so much!). Mama has been helping with our laundry, too. We owe them lots!

Now that the pipes are fixed, the next step is to fix the floor. We're gonna rip out the rest of the floor in the room. It's just some plywood put on top of a concrete porch with some glue, so pretty easy to rip out. We're gonna pour concrete where the washer and dryer go, but once we see what shape the rest of the floor is in, we'll decide whether to pour concrete over the rest or to leave it as is for now.

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