Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cook Cove: We Bought a House!

I've been more quiet around the social media and blog sphere the last few months. We started the whole house-buying process about 6 months ago and we didn't really wanna be blathering on about it online until it was all definite, but most of my thoughts have been house-buying oriented so it was just easier to say nothing and than to think of something else to say.

Of course, now all my thoughts are *still* house-oriented, but we closed on August 31 and got completely moved in on September 5, so now I can blather on all I want! Blathering blatherskite!

Cook Cove is an adorable little house. It was built in 1920. We have a 95 year old house! It's pretty much perfect. From our list of must-haves it's missing 2 things, but one of those is made up for by 2 other things.
1. Fireplace - We've pretty much gotten spoiled for the last 3 years with our fireplace so we couldn't imagine buying a house without one. But it didn't even cross my mind until after we had already started moving in that we didn't get one. There's a wood stove in the garage, tho, so that's cool.
2. Two-stories and/or a full basement - We didn't get either of those. What we got instead was a 2-car garage with an attached workshop, plus a shed in the backyard. The husband gets the workshop for his studio and I get the shed to set up my eventual screen-printing workshop. Plus, the shed is so big and divided into 2 sections, I'm hoping to eventually turn the other half into a little guest-house for out-of-town family/friends visits.

From the beginning of this process I kept saying that God won't let us buy a house we're not supposed to have. When we find the right house God will work everything out. And boy did He! We started to buy another house (a 2-story, 128 year old farmhouse), but it fell through due to requiring some repairs that the seller couldn't afford. The same day we were officially released from that contract, our house went on the market. We got to see it two days later, put in an offer that afternoon, and were under contract before the end of the day. Everything honestly went along so smoothly I spent the whole month of August just waiting for something to go wrong. Then closing day came and not even a hiccup. It still feels to easy and perfect to feel real yet, but we feel totally blessed and like this house is totally from God.

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  1. Congratulations to you and your husband on your new home! My wife and I just closed on our first home as well. It is a really exciting time. I hope you all have settled in well so far, that is half the fun! Good luck with the house, I hope everything continues to go well.