Friday, October 16, 2015

5 Friday: Living Without Internet

We have no twees! internet. And it's weird, but I like it. It's like living in the 90s again. Woah.

We'll probably get internet soon, but right now it's kinda nice not having it so easily accessible. I mean, yeah, I still have unlimited data on my phone (that's gonna change soon, too), but we seem to live in a dead-ish zone, so that doesn't always work so well. Most of the time I get about 2 bars of signal, so, occasionally, you can find me wondering around the backyard trying to get at least 3 bars so I can download the latest episode of Doctor Who (legally, mind you).

So what do I do in this internet-less world of Cook Cove? Let me count the things!

Because Benedict Cumberbatch.

1. Reading
Doin' lots o' readin'. I actually managed to read Goblet of Fire in just over a week. Being a nearly 800 page book, that's pretty impressive for this slow reader. Now I get to go back to reading Anne of Green Gables. I seem to have had the intention to read Anne every fall, but never have actually done it.

2. Yard work
We have .36 acres. No, that's not huge and probably about half of it is taken up by house, garage, gazebo, shed, driveway, and landscaping. But, when you've never had your own yard to take care of before, that's a fairly large chunk. I've mowed, like, 3 times now and I think I'm getting the hang of it and hurting a little less afterward. Last Saturday, in 3 hours, I was able to mow and weed eat almost the whole yard. The only part not done would be the hill at the front of the yard (I'm not strong enough to handle the mower on an incline) and a very small portion of the backyard because the push-mower ran out of gas. To note, don't think that the husband isn't helping with yard work, I just tend to choose to work on the yard while he's at work on Saturdays. Gives me something to do other than watch TV when I'm home alone.

3. Watch real TV/DVDs
Real TV, but not current stuff. We mostly watch MeTV, which means mostly shows that are older than us. In the evenings we've been watching Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, and Hogan's Heroes ("I see nothing. Nothing!"). Oh my goodness, Saturday nights are awesome! Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Star Trek, and Quantum Leap! We do occasionally try to catch a current show, but usually forget when it's on.

We have a relatively large DVD collection that we really haven't touched since streaming Netflix has become so simple (it used to involve trying to connect the Wii to really patchy internet in our first apartment). But without internet, streaming means hooking my phone up to the TV, which is sort of annoying (and only gets done for Doctor Who because it's that important), so DVD watching it is! Which actually means watching You've Got Mail multiple times. Because it's Autumn.

4. Clean / Organize
Yes, we've lived in Cook Cove for just over a month so you might think we'd be done unpacking and, for the most part, we are. The spare bedroom is still piled up and unorganized, tho, but because other things have taken priority and that's pretty much the stuff we don't use on a daily basis (like the computer that doesn't really get used much without internet). And then there's the whole reorganizing things because I'm not happy with where I've put them yet. Amazingly, I have not rearranged any furniture. I have thoughts in the back of my mind about reorganizing the living room and green room, but nothing I'm planning to bother with any time soon.

I'm frequently cleaning the kitchen because I have such an awesome kitchen that I'm actually using it all the time! Our apartment kitchen was probably 8 x 5 feet and pretty much like a miniature galley kitchen and I hated it. There was no room to work. There weren't enough cabinets for everything so a lot of things got stored on the counters, which meant I had no room to work with food. Now I have tons of cabinet and counter space and the problem is more just trying to decide which counter to work at. And I love it.

5. Hanging out in the backyard
I stinking love our backyard! The husband was wondering if once we get internet if we would stop hanging out in the backyard. I really don't think so. I think we previously spent so much time online and watching Netflix because we didn't have a yard or really anything to do outside short of hopping in the car and going somewhere. We have a house now. That changes things.

Since we built a fire pit a couple weeks ago we've lit it at least 3 times. We'd have done more, but schedules have been hectic due to work and things, plus the weather got warm for a few days and sitting in front of a fire in 80 degree weather isn't as fun as it is at 60 degrees.

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