Monday, October 5, 2015

Cook Cove: Backyard

A lot of our landscaping includes large rocks. In the backyard, most of these have been overgrown by grass. A few days ago we decided to scavenge around the backyard to see if we could find any extra or dig some out of the ground to make a fire pit ('cause saving money is always best). I had hoped for maybe 5 to just be able to outline a fire pit, but we ended up discovering a TON of extra ones that had been stored behind the shed and were able to make a full fire pit!

Sunday evening we finally arranged all the rocks and ended up with a good-sized pit. We found some wood that had been left in the garage and made a fire.

We recently found a small portable grill at K-Mart on clearance for $10. Score! We set it up and grilled some hamburgers. The previous owners had also left a bag of charcoal and can of lighter fluid in the garage, so more money saved! (Sorry, saving money is a theme in our lives currently.) After some initial frustration over getting the grill lit (neither of us had actually ever done that), we ended up with some ridiculously good hamburgers!

Can ya feel the husband's enthusiasm?
We wanted to add some lighting to the gazebo (while saving on electricity), so we got some solar lights. This pic is just the solar lights (the string of lights outlining the gazebo), some citronella candles, and our 2 torches. It's not really bright enough to do much more than just sit out and enjoy the evening.

In this one we added my strand of star lights (plug-in). Two-thirds of them are out at the moment so I need to try replacing some bulbs. That'll probably brighten them up quite a bit.

This is with the overhead lighting turned on. It's pretty bright, but the bulbs are also on a dimmer switch, so that's cool.

While our hamburgers were cooking on the grill, we roasted marshmallows in the fire pit. The husband turned on the Twin Peaks soundtrack, which helped just make it a good mellow night hanging out in our backyard. It was so awesome!

It seems like we're always making "some day" plans. "Some day we'll do this." "Some day we'll do that." Last night we finally made some "some days" happen. When we first started thinking about buying a house we thought it would be nice to have a backyard we could hang out in. I constantly said I wanted a fire pit. The husband wanted to be able to grill (not really an option in apartments). Now we can do all of that. :)

Oh yeah, on a whim on Saturday I decided to decorate for Halloween. I had gone into the holiday closet just planning to get out the Pumpkin King jack-o-lantern, but saw the Zero I had made for our balcony a few years ago and suddenly had the idea to turn the gazebo into Halloween Town.

Jack (on the step) has some timer lights in him so he lights up in the evening.

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