Monday, October 19, 2015

Cook Cove: Bathroom Sink

Two weeks into Cook Cove, on a Saturday while my dad was over helping the husband with the laundry room, I was cleaning in the main bathroom and discovered a leak in the sink. Actually, that leak quickly turned into a waterfall. More water was coming out the back than through the faucet.

Daddy and the husband took a look at it and figured out that the underneath of the faucet had been tightened too much at some point and stripped the threads so it was no longer a tight seal.

They determined that we just needed to buy a new faucet and all would be well. So we did. It took a couple weeks for them to actually get to fixing it between working on the laundry room and Daddy needing to work at home. Daddy finally came over one afternoon a couple weeks ago to work on it. In doing so, they made the assumption that the sink had been properly attached when installed. Their assumption was proven wrong when the sink fell to the floor and shattered. Yes, a genius previous owner had glued the sink to the wall. Because, clearly, that's how you attach a heave porcelain sink.

Good news is, in having to take the sink apart more than originally planned, they discovered the pipes were pretty disgusting so we were able to replace those. And I was able to do a thorough cleaning on the floor.

I told the husband that I really liked the pedestal sink we had had, so I would prefer to replace it with something as equally nice if not nicer. There's already a vanity in the bathroom, so a sink set into a cabinet wouldn't look good.

After some Googling and looking at Home Depot and Lowe's websites, I came across a squared pedestal sink that I really kinda liked. Since we had had a round one I couldn't quite decide if I liked the squared one enough to get it. I was sitting at home one day looking at sinks online when the husband called from Lowe's. He said he was looking at a nice one but wasn't sure I'd like it because it was squared. He described it and it was the same one I had been looking at. I said that if we had both looked at it separately and liked it, we should probably go with that. He wanted to purchase it right then and there, but I really wanted to go look at it in person myself. I was concerned about the height. Once I saw it in-store, tho, I definitely liked it.

So, last week, Daddy and the husband bought the sink and all the parts and finally got it installed. It's so fancy looking!

Thankfully, we have 2 bathrooms, so during a month of not being able to use the main bathroom sink, we had a practical alternative. And now I don't have to direct guests to the kitchen bathroom anymore; they can use either one!

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