Monday, November 23, 2015

Cook Cove: Laundry Room - Phase 1 Complete

Okay, so, initially the plan was to get the laundry room done all in one go. It's taken 2 and half months to get it to the usable phase. Which totally happened last Wednesday night! I washed a load of towels in our laundry room! w00t!

I keep reminding myself and the husband that it's taking this long because my dad is helping us and he does totally have his own life, house, and other things to do. And we completely appreciate the help! Plus, the husband is learning so much about electrical and drywall and stuff that when we get around to other projects there's a lot he can do on his own now. Plus, had we hired this project out it would have cost us several hundred dollars. I think a quick turn-over isn't worth the cost in the case because it's a learning experience.

We're gonna break this down into phases now.

Phase 1 - pipework, concrete, drywall, washer/dryer moved in, put up door

Phase 2 - paint the walls, put up shelves, put the washer/dryer into their proper places

Phase 3 - paint the floor, create sliding door, whatever other amenities I decide

Phase 4 - ceiling, light fixture

So here's where we started:

The water pipes were a criss-crossy mess on the wall

This mess of a floor is the reason this all started. The drain had destroyed the sub-floor.

 Daddy and the husband redid the pipes so that they go into the wall (on the left). They installed one of those boxes inset in the wall for the shutoff for the hot and cold water going to the washer. They also moved both of the outlets on out outside wall (below the window) to the left wall so that they're more accessible.

The husband doing some wiring.

Once all the pipes and wiring were done they put up the drywall. They put a sheet on the outside wall, too. I originally planned to keep the wood paneling and stain it, but once we got all the paint scraped if it was just too ugly and patched-together to keep. Thankfully, we could just cover it!

This is what the entryway has looked like for the past 2 and half months. Thankfully the entry is wide enough that you didn't have to squeeze around the machines, but it wasn't pretty or convenient.

From the kitchen door.

From the outside door.

See all the lovely new drywall and spackling? It's beautiful! No, it's obviously not so beautiful it's gonna stay that way. It's gonna get painted as soon as it can be. This is also not the permanent setup for the washer and dryer. They had to put the washer where they'd have room to go back over the walls with more spackle and the sander. But, the important thing is, I can do laundry at home now!

We had found a french door in the shed that the previous owners had removed from between the living room and green room. The husband and I got it out, cleaned it up, and hung it. It was probably a little unnecessarily complicated, but we had never hung a door before. The hinges on the frame from the door we had taken down didn't match up with the hinges on the door, so we had to take them off the frame and reposition them. The door is a little smaller than the frame and the latches don't match up, but the important point here is that we've got a door!

So that is Phase 1 complete!

Here's a slightly more detailed explanation of the other phases:

Phase 2 - paint the walls, put up shelves, put the washer/dryer into their proper places
Now that the drywall is up I can start painting that end of the room. I have part of one wall (on the right of the above photo) to finish scraping. The wall between the laundry room and kitchen seems to have been done differently and won't scrap clean so we're going to have to skim-coat it. Once that's done I can finish painting the entire room. Once the painting is done, I'm going to put a shelf under the window for a couple plants and some shelves on the wall to the right of the window for detergent and stuff. Then finally put the washer and dryer into their permanent proper places.

Phase 3 - paint the floor, create sliding door, whatever other amenities I decide
The floor is really difficult to scrape clean so this is going to take a while before it's done. Plus, we'll have to move the washer/dryer and deep freezer around and do the floor in sections. I'm going to use the existing French door and put up a track so that the door will slide open and closed instead of on hinges. It's a pretty good sized room to begin with, but this will free up some space instead of having the door stand open into the room blocking anything. I'm planning on putting up a clothes line of some sort and a folding table that will attach to the wall and fold-down over the deep freezer. Not really sure what else to do right now.

Phase 4 - ceiling, light fixture
In scraping the ceiling we discovered that it was really pretty dark brown paneling that we both really wanted to keep. But, it turns out that different sections of the ceiling were painted and textured differently so scraping them clean is no longer an option. We're going to put up some kind of pretty tiling or something to cover it. There's currently florescent tube lights that I generally hate the look of and the husband doesn't feel super safe with. We don't know what we're going to replace it with right now, but it will be replaced.

They're are very much other things that will get done in the room, but not entirely sure what or when, so those will get included in phases when they happen.

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