Friday, January 29, 2016

5 Friday: This Week in Review

1. X-Files
We previously discussed this on Monday. Monday night was the second episode and it was a monster-of-the-week episode. It was an episode that would probably never be put into anyone's top 10 favorite X-Files episodes, but it was a nice way to kick it old-school. I so can't wait for the next 4 episodes. It'll be sad when it's all over again, but maybe this could kick off multi-year mini-events.

2. The Husband & the Kitties
If you aren't friends with me on Facebook, then you missed this and you need to see it.

3. Catification
We have a little cubby storage area in the Green Room above a closet that we don't use. One, it's too high to want to use and, two, we have plenty of other storage areas. So we decided to turn it into a kitty apartment. The previous owners had left a tall ladder in the shed so we cleaned it off and brought it in for the girls to climb to the apartment. They love it. We want to eventually put up some climbing shelves, but this works for now. Actually, last night the husband said Kaylee jumped up from the cat tree instead of climbing.

The husband was up there cleaning out cobwebs. We had a couple spider incidents while setting it up.

4. Curvy Barbie
This is pretty awesome. I'm not a feminist, I don't care what your body type is, and I have never been influenced by mass-marketing. I didn't grow up wanting Barbie's body. Sure, I had a ton of Barbies and loved to play with them, but I never wished I had Barbie's tiny waist or big boobs. Some things God granted me and some things I granted myself by eating junk food, so 50/50.

Yes, I want to be skinny. I want to wear a size 10 again. But that's not because I grew up with a doll that had abnormal measurements that I strive to have. That's because I physically feel disgusting when I'm over weight. I don't care what other people think of me (but it is nice when I'm walking down the hall and someone comments on my weight loss), what I care is how when I try to do yoga is that I feel like a rolly-poly wallering around on the ground (you're welcome for that horrific image).

Anyway, back the the Barbie thing. While Barbie has never had an effect on my body image, I know that it has been an issue for other girls and women, so I get that this is a major step in the right direction to say that it's okay if you're not size 0 and it's okay to have curves that fill out your pants and make it difficult to not have cleavage because blouse sizes weren't designed for women who actually have boobs. Personally, I totally want curvy Barbie with blue hair and light skin because I would create mini versions of cosplays.

There are also tall and petite Barbies now. I'm gonna need a petite curvy Barbie. Is that a thing yet?

5.Gilmore Girls / Christy
The husband and I finished watching GG last night. I've seen all the episodes before. Actually, when I was in college and didn't have access to the show, I read complete summaries of the last couple seasons that I missed so it's kind of like completing a third viewing of the show. I don't remember when I first actually watched the series finale so I don't remember what I thought, but last night I teared up a little.

Here's a funny thing I discovered, tho. Luke and Lorelai kissing was one of those perfect endings that you wish for all your favorite tv/movie/book couples, but so rarely get. And yet, the thing that came to mind as they kissed was the line "The joy of the children was in his voice." If you know me well enough to know that Christy is one of my favorite books and tv shows, then you will know that I want to punch that last line of the book so hard. But I realized last night that, no matter how much I hate that sentence, it's Dr. MacNeill and Christy's perfect ending. Sadly, in real life, that perfect ending didn't happen and Christy went on to marry a preacher (not Grantland, thank goodness). I tried to tell my Grama that once and she totally wouldn't believe me, even tho I had done research, because she truly believe no one but no one belonged with Christy except for Neil.

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