Thursday, January 21, 2016

Closet Makeover: Before

I'd like to pretend I'm Pinterest and Instagram perfect, but we've already met so you know I'm not. That said, please excuse the mess that is my closet.

It looks like this mostly because it's been the catch-all for the last couple months. With holidays and company, in trying to get the house clean and organized and I would come across something that doesn't yet have a proper place, it would get thrown into the closet. And with kittens roaming about the house the door has stayed mostly closed to keep them from destroying things so it's been mostly darting in and out to grab whatever I need and throwing in the floor what I didn't have time to put away properly.

Let's start the tour with the shoe shelf.

The husband and I sort of have a lot of shoes. I'm a girl so it's a thing. He's... well, I'm not sure why he has so many shoes seeing as he really only wears his work shoes and occasionally his nice brown ones to church. I tried to organize the shelves originally, but then I gave up. What we would like to do is just add a couple shelves in between existing shelves for more shoe storage space. Unless I can think of another option, that's probably what we'll do.

This is the door to the second bedroom.

Why do the two bedrooms share a closet? I don't know. It's weird. I'm working off the assumption that it was not originally built this way, but being that it's a 95 year old house I don't exactly have access to blueprints to see what the original set up was. To remedy this weirdness we have the other side of this door blocked with a wardrobe. That way there's still some kind of clothes storage for when we get out guest room set up.

The basic plan here is to put a mirror in front of the door. Or mirrors. Depends on what I decide to do. I have multiple mirrors that don't yet have a home and if they happen to end up in some kind of funky mirror collage I'm not gonna object.

These are our clothes.

I have too many. Again, I'm a girl. It's a really wide closet so the bar is really long. The bar goes through a piece of wood on the bottom of the above shelf to try to help with the sagging issue, but the wood wasn't secured to the wall so the shelf is sagging. I'm trying to figure out a solution to prop the shelf up. No solid ideas yet.

These are our shelves.

Mostly empty with random things thrown on them to get stuff out of the way. I'm planning to organize our seasonal clothing on these shelves. They're currently packed away in bins that take up space in another closet. It makes the most sense because we don't really have much else that needs stored up on these shelves. Unless we just turn it into a playground for the cats, but they have the whole house to destroy. I'm gonna be selfish with the closet (but also keep in mind that cats will be cats so it must be cat friendly). Once I get all the seasonal clothes organized I'm going to put up curtains to cover the shelves. I have a specific set of curtains in mind that I'm really hoping will fit perfectly.

This is where my jewelry and accessories go.

This was actually very well organized during our first month in the house. As you can see, that didn't last. I really like these shelves, but they do feel like they take up a bit too much space being as wide as they are. I'm going to see if I can switch them out for some narrower shelves elsewhere in the house.

I actually have several ideas for what I'd like to do in this spot. I can't decide which are the best and which ones will actually work. I'm just gonna have to figure it out as I go.

Once it's all organized and done I'm thinking about taking the door down and putting up a curtain. In the future our bedroom will be decorated boho/geek chic, so the closet should have a fairly similar vibe. Overall, I kinda wanna go for a boho/gypsy feel. Curtains, hanging lights, romance, and general prettiness. Our bedroom is so dark (which I love), so I kinda think keeping the closet white and lighter would be a good idea. But, I also really hate how stark white is so I wanna paint. I kinda think some jewel tones in here would be cool and help with the gypsy vibe. And buntings. I want to crochet some fun colorful buntings to hang.

I dunno. Whatever happens I'm really excited to see how it turns out. Of all the stuff I'd like to do in the house this is probably gonna be the easiest/cheapest room to do it to. With the exception of potentially doing some painting, none of my ideas should cost any money. Everything in my head revolves around things I already own.

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