Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cook Cove: Laundry Room - Floor Plans

The outside wall of the laundry room is paneling that's been horribly textured and painted. The whole room is really just bad. It's like it was an after-thought of a previous owner. I mean, when you walk through the house it's basically full of Pinspirations (see kitchen).

I originally wanted to restore the paneling (yeah, I like paneling, what of it?!) and stain it turquoise. The other walls would all be painted off white. I even had paint colors picked out. Coincidentally, A Beautiful Mess just posted about staining floors with water-thinned paint after I had decided to just that so I knew it would work. I couldn't really decide how to do the floors.
Ideally, I wanted a wood-grain tile in a herringbone pattern because that would be beautiful. But, 1, I knew wood-grain tile would be way too expensive and 2, herringbone is really complicated because of all the trimming required and it's really just too small of a room for it to be worth the effort. I considered a right-angle herringbone, but couldn't decide about the tile. I hate marbled tiles; I dunno why, I just do. That includes granite. I'm probably the only person that hates the idea of marble counters.
After talking to BohoBear, she reminded me of an idea that had crossed my mind, but I'd been too distracted thinking about tile options to remember. Daddy had given us the option of putting down concrete then tile or putting down new wood, then tile. With concrete being the easier (and potentially cheaper option), there was suddenly the idea of painting the floor. Turquoise, of course! And then the idea of turquoise glitter. Now, I usually shun glitter because it's really just the herpes of the craft world. But, if you seal it with clear gloss paint it's not going to get everywhere on everything and drive me nuts.

We went to the Habitat for Humanity Restore to find some supplies but I couldn't find anything I really liked. I still hadn't fully decided what to do about the floor. While looking through some small kitchen/bathroom tile I came across some seafoam tiles and, suddenly, it all fell into place.
Not a good pic, but, trust me, they're seafoam.
The sellers left a large mid-century deep freezer in the laundry room (likely because it was there when the porch was enclosed and there's no way to get it out of the room without dismantling it or tearing down a wall). It's white, but the inside is seafoam and these tiles are an almost perfect match. We're going to use the tiles as a baseboard and I'm going to create a mid-century inspired laundry room!

So excited!!!

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