Wednesday, January 20, 2016

DIY Charging Station

If you follow me on social media you're aware of the issues I've had Kaylee (new kitten if you're unaware) chewing on my phone cord but for some reason never the husband's). I've tried to keep it covered, but where there's a will there's a way and by last Thursday it was unusable. I should have taken a picture but I threw it away out of frustration before I thought of that.

Over the weekend we came up with a solution that is not only perfect for protecting our cords but also perfectly lovely and will match our bedroom decor once we get around to actually decorating.

The husband helped with probably 75% of it. Not because I couldn't do it, but because he so rarely helps with my project that it's awesome when he actually wants to get involved.

We got the book box little stands from Hobby Lobby (both were, of course, 50%). The surge protector is from Walmart.

I was gonna be all technical and tell you the bits and peices we used with the drill, but after doing some Googling for proper terms, I give up and I'm gonna just use girly words from here on out.

We used a round thingy with a 1" diameter attached to the drill to cut this hole. It's the perfect size for the surge protector cord to fit through. This was sanded down afterward to look better.

We made marks where the little stands were going to go and where our phones would fit on them to determine where to make the holes for the cords to come through. The husband insisted that we make them both wide enough to fit an iPhone cord through on the office chance I ever switch. Yes, I laughed. He wasn't joking, but I still laughed.

To make the holes the husband started out using a pointy drilly thing, but that wasn't really working, so then he switch to (this one I actually know) a 1/4" drill bit. After some trial and error, he figured out the best way was to drill a hole in the middle then a hole on either end then work on the area in between, kind of slowly chiseling away with the bit. We sanded these. I may add some paint later so you can't see the raw wood so much.

Here's what it looks like with the cords fitted through.

 Here's how it looks with the surge protector and our cords inside. My cord just barely fits without the lid hitting it. If we set it up right the other way both cords prevent the lid from closing.

I didn't take a picture while attaching the stands. All I did was hold them in place and attach them with hot glue. Not the best method, but all I had available for now. I'll probably just leave it that way since you can't tell, unless it comes undone then I'll figure out something better.

And here you have the finished project! It fits our phones and tablets perfectly. And it's big enough that we store our extra charger cords inside when not in use. We been using this for the last couple days and it's pretty stinking perfect!

No more Kaylee chewing on charger cord problems! Now I just have to figure out how to deal with her always being on the kitchen counters, attacking us in bed, being overly aggressive when playing with the other kitties, chewing on our fingers, and do they make Ritalin for cats? (I'm kidding, I would never give my cats anything that could harm them.)

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