Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Poinsettia Candle Holder

My mom loves Poinsettias. Once I started playing with polymer clay I knew exactly what I wanted to make Mama for Christmas.

I used this tutorial for gum paste Poinsettias as a starting point, but mostly deviated and did my own thing.

I rolled out some red clay (I mixed in a teeny bit of black to darken it up) to about 1/8" thickness. I made two different sized templates and cut out 5 larger petals and 3 medium-ish petals for each flower. Then I drew veins in them with a pointy object (I don't remember what). I kinda pinched out the edges to make them not perfectly shaped and pinched the bottom tips together so they wouldn't be flat.

Baking these was really difficult to get the shape I wanted because I wanted them to go up the edge of the candle. What i did was shape the larger petals together, bake them, then while they were hot I would shape it up against the candle. They ended up snapping into 2 peices so once everything was shaped I glued it together (I used hot glue because my E6000 is useless). Then I baked the medium petals separately and shaped them into place while still warm (then glued). I worked on one flower at a time.

I made 3 large green leaves the same general way and connected them all in the center for the candle to sit on. Once they were baked I glued everything together.

I also made several little balls to put in the center of each flower out of some glittery gold clay.

 This ended up super fragile and after I gave it to my mom one of the petals broke, but in a very fixable way. So, it's not super perfect design-wise, but it came out looking awesome and I love it!

When my mom opened her gift she didn't realize at first that I had made it, so points for that, right? Or else she thought I bought her a terrible candle holder. *shrug*

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