Thursday, January 14, 2016

RIP Alan Rickman

This is pretty much a hard week in fandom.

I was getting ready this morning when the husband got home from work. He walked in and said "Alan Rickman died. I heard it on NPR." Then hugged me.

I started crying while pouring my coffee, then we hugged again.

I teared up on the way to work when NPR repeated their Alan Rickman story.

I tear up every time I've come across an Alan Rickman tribute today.

I don't know if I keep crying strictly because of Alan Rickman, or if it's his death combined with Bowie's that I finally started crying. I never did on Monday.

As far as I can remember, Alan Rickman was my first British crush. I remember watching Sense and Sensibility back in the 90s and being enamored with Colonol Brandon and his magnificent voice. I had no idea who he was yet and I still hated British films and shows at the time. I probably next saw in in Galaxy Quest, then I watched Die Hard in college. And we all know where he crept into fandom.

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