Monday, January 11, 2016

RIP David Bowie

Usually I'm not really effected by the death of musicians. I love music, but I don't really get attached to musicians the way I do actors. Like when Leonard Nimoy died last year that hurt, but Star Trek is also uber important to me.

However, somehow David Bowie has been an important musician to me. I don't really know why, unless it's just the memories attached to his music.

My first memory of listening to David Bowie was Golden Years in A Knight's Tale. It's the first recollection I have of hearing a David Bowie song and knowing it was David Bowie (only because someone told me at the time).


Most other memories I have of his music are listening to him while working in custodial in college. I remember listening to Space Oddity while working in Jones during the summer.

I remember making that first connection of "Oh, David Bowie sings the Major Tom song. I've always loved this song." I remember listening to Diamond Dogs while dust-mopping in Gittinger and thinking how odd the album was but suddenly making the connection to Moulin Rouge (that's when I realized every song from that movie was a cover).

At some point in my life I watched Labyrintch. I remember not super loving it, but enjoying it all the same.

Of course, there will always be my two favorite collaborations:

So, anyway, David Bowie died yesterday and it stinks. I'll just be over here listening to Spotify's David Bowie station.

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