Friday, February 26, 2016

5 Friday: February in Review

Is it already the end of February? Seriously???

1. Weather
This winter has been ridiculous. It's freezing cold and going to snow. Psych! It's 70 degrees! The wind has been insane (very noticeable when you have awnings on every window and they sound like they're about to be ripped off). I'm still holding out hope for one decent snow before March 20. Then again, this is Missouri and we've had snow storms the day after the first day of Spring.

Dear Summer Lovers, just remember, while you complain about the cold and rejoice in the random warms days, a mild winter typically means a scorching hot summer that you're gonna end up complaining about, too. So either embrace the fact that IT'S WINTER, or shut your mouths when it's over 100 degrees 5 days in a row.

2. This cat is flipping awesome and I'm so glad she's mine.
Kaylee keeps trying to catch dust in the air.

3. Whole 30
That happened this month. I started January 31 so that I would complete on February 29. However, as of today, I'm done. I'm not being a quitter, I'm just done. When it stops being important it's not worth worrying about. Also, I'm stressed and the husband is out of town, so if I don't get to eat chips and queso/salsa all weekend I'd probably have to hit something.

4. Fuller House
Today is the day! All of season 1 of Fuller House is now on Netflix! I'd be all "I know what I'm doing this weekend," except that the husband is out of town and I already have plans to binge watch both seasons of Pushing Daisies. Much like Girl Meets World, the Husband thinks the new series is terrible and lame (let's be honest, so was Full House), but he's said that he'll watch it with me if he happens to be in the room, which is man code for "I want to watch it but I don't want to admit it."

5. Dat Nose!

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