Friday, February 5, 2016

5 Friday: More Weekend Projects

1. Kitchen Cabinets
We have quite a bit of kitchen storage, plenty of cabinets. Kaylee likes to get up on the counter, jump up on the fridge, then run across the longest set of cabinets. I'm okay with this. She's a tree dweller. But there's a shorter, higher up set of cabinets next to the sink that I've got all my spices and baking things in, including my essential oils (glass bottles, mind you!). On top of the cabinet is large platter that was the husband's grandmothers and some other breakable items. These cabinets stay pretty packed and I was never worried about the girls bothering them.

Last night, however, Kaylee randomly decided she needed to be on top of these. She jumped on the microwave and managed to climb up the shelves, only knocking out my lavender essential oil (thankfully didn't break), and got on top. I immediately started spraying her until she jumped back down. Kaylee has access to all these places to climb that I've set up for her, but, no, she's GOT to climb on the ONE cabinet I REALLY don't want her on. So I spent the rest of the evening trying to do some reorganizing to make it more difficult for her to climb those cabinets.

None of my changes really work for the set up of the kitchen, tho, so I'll be undoing all of my changes. What we've decided to do is put the doors back on just these specific cabinets. Luckily, the previous owners left the doors in the basement. However, this specific set of doors are the only ones that weren't painted red to match the cabinets. They're still a funky Granny Smith green. Easy fix! I'm going to finally make some homemade chalk paint and paint those suckers! I'm so excited about this!

2. Weather Afghan
This got put on hold last weekend about halfway through the previous week because the weather decided to get a little too warm and I didn't have the next color up for that, so I've got to get another skein of yarn before I can continue.

3. Craft Closet/Office
Here I mentioned that I wanted to paint my craft closet/office. Well, this week I decided to join Iron Craft '16. I missed the first 2 challenges, but the 3rd challenge was issued this week. It's simply the letter G.

I can do anything I want, so long as it involves the letter G. The type of craft I choose or an element of the craft. Well, this pretty much sealed the deal on what I wanted to do in my little craft closet/office. I won't tell you, tho. I'll just show you when it's done. I have 2 weeks before the Iron Craft reveal, tho.

4. Mice
We have mice. I'm not gonna lie about that or pretend I'm ashamed of it. We're not dirty, gross people. We just happen to live in a 95 year old house that's right next door to a large garden so critters are a thing we have to expect. Like the adorable bunny I saw run under the gazebo or whatever I heard rustling in the bushes.

Missy totally caught a mouse this week and I was so proud of her! That was her first mouse ever! Sadly, because mice are dirty and I really didn't want to deal with my cat vomiting mouse carcass later, I had to take it from her. That was a really fun thing to deal with a 3 a.m. *cough*sarcasm*cough* Since that debacle, I've found mouse poop in my pantry and that they got into my potatoes. Little jerks. So one thing we have to deal with this weekend is figuring out where they're getting in. And setting traps. Ideally, I'm a humane person who hates the idea of lethal traps, but when you've got mice eating your food and leaving a mess in your floor, it's time to let go of some ideals and face the facts. We've got mice and they're not going away unless we show them we mean business.

5. Sleep and Relax
As you know, last Sunday I started my 3rd Whole 30. I really don't eat that terribly on a regular basis, so the effects of the first week of my W30 haven't been as miserable as they could have been. However, I have felt horribly exhausted all week. I already didn't feel great last weekend, so I can't completely chalk it up to my W30, but it certainly isn't helping things. I think how I feel is mostly due to the routine the girls and I have created. I pretty much have to get up at 6 a.m. no matter what day it is to feed them. This isn't a problem Monday through Friday, but that means I've lost the extra sleep I usually get on the weekends. Saturday mornings now see me getting up at 6 a.m., locking the girls in the respective rooms with their food, setting my alarm for half an hour and trying to grab a few minutes of extra sleep on the couch, then letting them all out. When you define sleeping in as 10 a.m., this is not fun.

My goal this weekend is to, yes, still keep our routine, but after I let them back out at 6:30, go back to bed with the bedroom doors shut so they can't bother us. It probably won't happen because once I'm awake going back to sleep is pretty impossible for me, but at least I can say I tried. I'm just really tired of being tired right now. I don't know how parents do it. Kitties are hard enough work!

Apparently 5 Friday is becoming my to-do list. Yeah, well, whatevs. It's my blog.

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