Friday, February 12, 2016

5 Friday: Whole 30 Thoughts

This being my third Whole 30, after having basically lived the Paleo lifestyle for the last 2 years, I'm learning some things.

1. Timeline
I've been keeping an eye on the Whole 30 Timeline. If I'm potentially going to feel like I'll die if I don't eat some ice cream or I may pummel someone with their own shoe, I want to know. But I've actually been doing pretty good. I've been tired, but that's partly due to kitties that won't let me sleep as much as I need to.

2. It's okay to break a rule when absolutely necessary
I felt like calling it quits on day 10 because I had gone home early from work with a migraine and when you're head feels like someone is repeatedly jamming a screwdriver thru your skull then twisting it all willy-nilly, one of the last things you want to think about is making dinner. All I wanted was ice cream, chips and queso, some pizza, all the gluten I could handle with cheese melted on top.

Instead of giving up, I broke a Whole 30 rule that doesn't mean giving up. I pulled the scale off the bathroom cabinet I'd hidden it from myself on and weighed. I've been wavering between the same 4 pounds for the last several months. So, depending on how you look at it, I had lost 3-6 pounds in 10 days and that was all I needed quit wallowing in my cravings misery and go bake some chicken and potatoes.

3. Potatoes

In 2014, after I had already completed my first Whole 30 (I don't remember when my second was), the folks behind the Whole 30 made the announcement that white potatoes are now compliant.

It's still not okay to eat potatoes for every meal, white or sweet. Just like you really shouldn't eat eggs CONSTANTLY (eggs are a major staple of the W30). But having the option to have potatoes with my meat and eggs now is the best thing ever. I mean, really, what is the point of steak without potatoes? Or a decent Saturday morning breakfast without pan-fried potatoes?

4. Coffee
As mentioned here, I basically rage quit my last Whole 30 due to some much needed cream in my coffee (that sounds really petty). This time I'm doing really well. I mean, I pretty much always put cream in my coffee, but these last 2 weeks without cream have basically allowed me to rediscover my love for coffee. Basic, plain, black coffee. Yeah, sure, sometimes cream helps to bring out some of the flavors or cut a bold coffee, but I'm tasting my coffee so much more clearly. One blend I had previously only had with cream I discovered I actually really disliked and another I pretty much wanted to spit out. Basically, my general theory is you can make any bad coffee drinkable with enough cream (and sugar if that's your thing), but that's a bad theory. You shouldn't have to make a bad coffee good. If it's that bad, just. Stop. Drinking it. (And give the rest to your sister because there's a good chance that if you hate it that much she's going to love it.)

5. When I need a fix...
I do occasionally REALLY crave something not W30 or paleo and it starts to drive me nuts. A weird thing I've discovered to appease my cravings is pickle juice. I've always loved drinking pickle juice, so that's no biggie. I have a jar of organic pickles in the fridge and every once in a while when I'm pacing in the kitchen feeling uber munchie, I decide to eat a pickle. But once I open the jar I end up just taking a big swig of the juice and I'm good to go. Weird. But if it works it works.

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