Wednesday, February 17, 2016

All That Glitters Might Just Be Pots & Pans

Despite having 2 weeks to do it, I didn't manage to get the Iron Craft challenge done.

I was going to paint the interior of my craft closet with gold chevrons and add some glittery silver stars. This didn't happen. At. All.

For one, trying to find gold paint that isn't craft or spray paint is REALLY hard! If someone can tell me where to find some that would be really helpful for actually completing this project and others at some point in the future. Secondly, if you're my Facebook friend, you're aware of the insanity that is our kittens so trying to paint with them hanging around right now isn't the easiest thing.

Last night I came up with a last minute project I thought could help me accomplish the challenge, but then I didn't really have time since we needed to go grocery shopping and make dinner and, well, of course, start the last season of Mad Men because it's finally on Netflix. I thought I'd do a gallery wall in our little hallway. All of our framed family pictures are still in a box in the coat closet because I hadn't decided where to put them yet. Now I know where. I just need to find the time.

I'm hoping to finally manage to jump on board the Iron Craft Challenge with #4.

The Guidelines: Create a project that fits one or more the following…

  1. Something that can be used in the kitchen. Throw a pot, sew napkins, make cloth paper towels…
  2. Something made with items normally found in the kitchen. Turn a tea cup into a bird feeder, make silverware into windchimes, turn beans and seeds into art…
  3. Do a craft that requires you use a kitchen appliance. Melt soap base in a microwave, bake clay in the oven…
Several ideas are going through my mind right now, but I'm no where near settled on a project yet. But this one should be easier, especially if I do it in the kitchen. Now that I've got a kitchen door and can shut the girls out! (That's been SO helpful.)

If you're interested in what other people have done for the first 3 challenges, you can see pics here.

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