Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Chai and Fireballs

I found this chai tea from Celestial Seasonings that is A-MAZE-ING. Bengal Spice.

So yummy!

I've been looking for a good chai ever since I stopped drinking Oregon Chai. Which was my absolute favorite. But, chemicals and stuff. Nothing was ever good enough til I came across Bengal Spice. Let it steep, add a little half and half, and it's perfect.

And the smell!

Oh, the smell. It is wonderful.

I love to just sit and inhale it while I'm waiting for my tea to steep. It reminds me of Atomic Fireballs.

I remember when I was younger, when my parents would stop at the pharmacy they would pick up a little bag of Atomic Fireballs. I loved those things!

That's all. There's a random memory for you.

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