Monday, February 22, 2016


Y'know what, you could probably just use some really cute pictures of my cats today. Here you go:

Kaylee River Cook
She's crazy. She'll be driving me nuts one moment and the next she'll be so cuddly and sweet. Pretty sure she has a split personality between her mixed breeds. I believe she's part Bengal because her activity level matches that of a Bengal, but so do a majority of her markings. I think she's probably mixed with Tabby and Calico. She's got these random splotches of butterscotch coloring.

Marnie Amelia Cook
Marnie is my little melty girl. She's such a little lover. Some Most days it's like she's attached to me and I can't move 2 ft. without her following or trying to jump up on me. She'll crawl up my shoulder just to shove her little face against mine. Her little tail has very subtle rings around it and she's got random white hairs all over.


Missy DuPrau Robbins-Cook
Missy is forever and always my baby. She doesn't 100% love the little girls, but she tolerates them very well. If you don't know my Missy history, I adopted her in 2010, back before I got married (that's why she's got the hyphenated name). She turned 7 on February 1. It's hard to get good pics of Missy these days. She tends to hang out under on of the stools or wherever she can find a spot to avoid Kaylee (Kaylee likes to chase her).


Despite the frustrations, the hissing, growling, chasing each other around the house, it's obvious these girls love each other.

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