Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Craft Closet/Office

Right after taking the Christmas tree down at the beginning of January, I moved my desk and craft supplies from the bedroom closet into the Green Room.

It didn't stay that organized for very long. Once I started working on our closet, whenever I found crafty things I would pile them on the desk and then the kitties would get into things and before long it was a disaster zone that I just didn't touch.

Good news, it was a disaster zone I could see from the couch when watching TV so it kept bugging me and I finally did something about it.

We have a closet in the Green Room that for the last 5 months keeps getting new random uses, but none that were very convenient or long-lasting, so it mostly just housed some shelves that my Dad and the nieceling had taken down for me, our 2 camping chairs, and a couple other random things. I cleaned these things out (i.e., piled them in front of the hall closet all weekend) and decided to turn it into a tiny crafty office.

My desk fit inside with about 5 inches leftover.

Wouldn't you know, there was just enough room for a Kaylee, too!

Now that the desk was in, it was time to finally organize all my craft supplies.

My yarn stash fits perfectly in the drawers. Minus the 5 skeins hanging out in the living room for my current project. My polymer clay supplies are in the cubby above the yarn (I have a drawer that goes here, but I'm waiting for the husband to empty it) and my scrapbooking/paper supplies are in the cubby hidden behind the chair back.

The desk is my Grama's old sewing desk and I love it! It could use a little TLC eventually. And a sewing machine. The chair was also Grama's. I'm fairly certain I remember it being green when I was little, but she probably recovered it at some point.

Above the left-side of the desk is a short shelf that I thought was perfect for my books. Crochet. Knit. And of course Young House Love! The glass dishes I got when the MK office cleaned out a bunch of stuff a couple years ago (I got a bunch of great craft supplies from them) and they work pretty well to stack and hold random things that have nowhere else to go. Like glass stones, ribbon, bells, and other small odds-and-ends. Those are glue stick on the right, in case you were wondering.

Above that shelf is where I organized all of the husband's leather-working supplies.

Here we've got (left to right) random craft supplies (including my Lumi Inkodye kit that I've had a couple years and hope hasn't gone bad), glue, paint supplies (red lid), and yarn-craft supplies (green lid). The small brown box has markers, colored pencils, and pastels in it. The larger box has my cross-stitch supplies. The tube is cross-stitch fabric. The two floral boxes on the right is my fabric collection. I'm planning to recover the boxes eventually.

Above the right-side of the desk are some hooks I hung my hoops on.

I hung my little drawing maniquin on the bar. Unfinished Totoro and a cactus are hanging out with him. I'm thinking I'll eventually take the bar down. We'll see.

The closet is actually right below the kitty cubby, so I'm sure I'll have some feline visitors whenever I'm at my desk.

I think I'll probably paint in there eventually. I'm kind of thinking ombre turquoise going up the back wall. I'm also thinking about taking the door down and putting up a curtain (or leaving it open). The door is currently blocking the door to the screened-in porch, so we'll need access to that in a couple months.

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