Monday, February 15, 2016

Kitchen Cabinets

As mentioned here, Kaylee decided to climb the one set of cabinets I did NOT want her on.

She used the microwave to climb up into the cabinet and make her way to the top. We tried putting the microwave on the coffee cart across the room, but I really hated it there. Actually, it's a giant microwave that's super useful, the the hugeness makes me pretty much hate it anywhere. I'm hoping to eventually put it in the pantry.

Moving the microwave meant moving the coffee stuff. I didn't figure Kaylee would be able to climb the Keurig as easily as the microwave; however, taking all my baking things out of the cabinet to store my coffee things meant rearranging ALL THE CABINETS, having less space for the way too many coffee things, and the baking things being not as conveniently located near the oven. It all just completely threw off my organization system.

This is after moving the microwave and coffee things. Which created another problem- the cabinets were actually more open for Kaylee to climb in and potentially knock mugs out. This is also an inconvenient location because coffee would create a regular use of this corner and the bathroom door opens up to block this area (another issue I plan to eventually remedy.

Obviously, I hated this solution and it was only temporary.

The previous owners left all the cabinet doors in the basement, so I asked the husband to bring up the four doors just for this cabinet.

I mixed some chalkboard paint using this tutorial, 2 bottles of black craft paint and a big box of non-sanded grout (both things I already had on hand). I only had about 4oz. of paint so I only used 1Tbs of grout.

After washing and drying the doors (because who knows how long they'd been in the basement), I tested the paint on the inside of one door. I was planning to paint the insides anyway if there was enough paint leftover from the fronts. After it dried I tested some chalk and it was perfect! Yay for success on the first try!

Voila! Chalkboard cabinet doors!

I need to get some chalk now. I could only find one piece of yellow chalk. I can't really decide what I want to draw/write on the doors. Maybe the weekly menu, random doodles, quotes, I dunno, whatever. I'm just happy I don't have to worry about Kaylee breaking things now!

I feel like Kaylee and I are constantly at odds. But when she's not driving me nuts she's snuggled up in my arms loving on me because she really is a very sweet kitty. She just clearly has ADHD.

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