Monday, February 8, 2016

The Night Fury

For Christmas I made my niece a little Toothless.

As always, terrible picture because my house has terrible lighting.

I used this How to Build Your Dragon tutorial over on DeviantArt. It's not really the best tutorial, but it's pretty thorough and it fit the supplies I had available. My Toothless didn't turn out perfect, but I made some adjustments I think it turned out better than the one from the tutuorial.

I'm terrible at taking progress pics, but you can see where I was at this point. I had made the body, legs/arms, and claws. The big ball on the right was for the head.

Another terrible picture, yay!

Once I made the wings I had to transfer everything to the pan I was going to bake it in to keep everything in shape and place. The tutorial said to use an X-acto knife to draw little veins in the wings. I decided to make the wings more 3D and rolled out pieces to attach for veins. I like it so much better. The head is still just a ball here. It was the last and hardest part to work on.

Here you can kind of see what was wrong with the head. The shape. The overall shape is completely wrong and makes it look nothing like Toothless, but it's exactly what the tutorial called for. You can also see the little red tail patch that I added. The tutorial didn't include this. I then proceeded to forget to paint the little white thingy on his tail.

 Here's a better shot of Toothless' wings.

I so want to remake him and make his head look right. I'm not super happy with his legs/arms either, but those aren't as obvious as the head.

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