Friday, March 4, 2016

5 Friday: Welcome to March!

How on earth is it already March???

The weather is looking pretty great for this weekend. Sure, it's still winter and I would rather be snowed in with the husband, my kitties, and a big cup of hot cocoa, but I've pretty much given up on this winter (since there's only 16 days left). So why not make the most of the gorgeous weather that's coming and do some fun weekend projects?

1. Cabinet Doors
Yup, I've finally bitten the bullet and accepted that, to avoid more feline headache, I've gotta put the rest of the doors up on my kitchen cabinets. The husband brought the doors up out of the basement so they can do some airing out for a couple days before I paint them. I'm planning to do more black chalkboard paint. I'm also thinking about creating a baking cheat sheet and hanging my measuring cups and spoons inside one of the doors.

2. Backyard
I've pretty much determined what I want to do in the backyard. Not all of it will happen this year, but I'd like to get a minor start on it tomorrow.

I realize you probably are not one of the few people who have been to Cook Cove (if you are, then yay! you're reading my blog!), so this layout on the right may not make 100% sense. Parts of it are things I'd like to do to the yard (mostly the things on the far left) while parts are currently existing. On the right, there's a raised flower bed with a rock wall. Love this, but the back end (bottom right) is above the foundation of the garage and causes water to leak into the garage when it rains. What I'd like to do is take the rock wall down and reuse it elsewhere, then use the dirt in the raised garden I'm planning to have. There aren't too many plants in the flower bed and I can relocate them easily. This weekend I'd like to start take the rock wall apart.

3. #wewantworf
How has this been a thing that I didn't know about? Apparently, since 2012, Michael Dorn has been shopping around (read: trying to convince CBS) a series called Star Trek TNG: The Worf Chronicles. It's set after the finale of DS9 but before Nemesis. It is so fantastic that Michael Dorn is so devoted to his character that this is his pet project that he has spent the last 4 years trying to get the green-light for it. Now that CBS is planning a Trek series in the future, there's definitely potential for it to happen.

4. Iron Craft
I'm totally failing at this crafty challenge thing. If you recall here, I said I was going to start doing Iron Craft, but then here I said that I didn't have time for that challenge but I was going to do the next one. Well, I totally did do the challenge, I just didn't finish in time and I still haven't finished so I give up. Not on my project. I'm still totally working on my project which maybe I'll get to reveal next week. The problem is, it's involves crochet, which involves thread, which attracts the attention of playful kitties. I've basically had to wait to work on my project until during feeding times and after they've gone to bed. The actual piece is done, but I've had to add an element that's taking a lot of time to finish. And kitties.

As for quitting Iron Craft. After realizing that life does not conform to 2-week time limits, it's just really not viable right now. Also, I have way too many projects already planned out to really need to add to them. I mean, it's a great idea when the challenge and something I've wanted to do coincide like it did this time, but that's not gonna always happen.

5. Giant alien cats are coming do abduct your cows.

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