Monday, March 14, 2016

Chalk artin' it up!

Now that my cabinet doors are all covered in chalkboard paint, I'm covering them in some chalk art!

I want to absolutely clarify that this is not my original design. I found the design on Pinterest, loved it, and decided I could recreate it.

Here's my progress. I printed off a copy of the design, drew a grid on the paper, then drew a grid on the door (section by section since I figured it would get smudged as I went). The banner was the hardest part for me. Not just because it was the first step, but getting that curve right is hard. I'd rather draw a straight line any day.

It took a couple days to complete simply because I didn't want to stand in the kitchen for hours on end.

I did the main drawing with a chalk marker then went over it with regular chalk to get the real chalk texture. If I had it to do over, I would have finished the entire thing before chalking it up, but I chalked each section after I finished it. That's why the bottom half is extra smudgy. I chalked "& a good cup of" then kept brushing my hand over it working on "Coffee" so I had to keep wiping the chalk off and redoing it.

This is a comparison of my work (left) to the original (right) I found on Pinterest. You can buy the original on etsy. Since this isn't my original work, no, I will not recreate this for you. Someone else deserves that money.

I'm currently working on the set of cabinet doors above our coffee area to create a sort of menu. Because, I mean, really, we are a home coffee shop. Anyone that comes to visit knows they will be offered coffee.

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