Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Coffee Makes My World Go 'Round

I don't care if you call me a coffee snob. Having a preference for coffee is no different than having a preference for a wine, beer, chocolate, or even your favorite tv program. Some things make your skin crawl and bad coffee is one of those things for me.

This article is the best thing I've read about serious store-bought coffee critique in ever:

I'll let you read the article yourself, but here are a couple highlights:

Yes, absolutely. I agree wholeheartedly. At Christmas my parents, because we all spend basically every day of Christmas week at their house, bought a large coffee pot (we far surpass my dad's coffee habits, he only uses a small pot, drinks decaf, and vaguely coffee flavored water) and a can of Folgers Classic Roast. It was very sweet of them so we tried. Oh, did we try. But after brewing one pot and pouring in as much cream as possible without just turning it into a cup of coffee flavored milk, we all gave up. The next day we showed up with good coffee to brew.

Folgers is also what they brew in the break room at work. I tried a cup once and immediately poured it out. I would rather not drink coffee than drink bad coffee.

1. I'd like to point out that Community Coffee is actually a coffee house brand. They're based in Louisiana and I've actually been there. So I feel lumping it in with these other brands is not entirely fair. 2. Community Coffee Breakfast Blend is the home-brewed coffee of choice at Cook Cove. It's one of few coffees I enjoy and even prefer black.

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