Friday, April 29, 2016

5 Friday: The Gazebo

I'm SO looking forward to our gazebo just being a great place to relax and hang out during the summer. Right now we basically hang out long enough to grill on our tiny grill and then eat.

1. Lights
Last fall I put up some solar fair lights. They're not bright enough to see by, but they create a cute little outline so there's not just utter darkness in our backyard. Plus, they're cute. There's also overhead lighting; it's useful, but doesn't really create mood or atmosphere.

We picked up a couple packs of Better Homes and Gardens Glass Edison String Lights that I'm hoping to put up this weekend if it's not raining. What I'd really like to do is put up some poles where the posts are on the open area (see pic above) and string lights from the top point of the roof to them like this:

2. Curtains
I'd like to hang some drop cloth curtains at the corners like this:

3. Seating
I have a dream of sectional seating on the gazebo so we can lounge, have space for company, or even move the individual seats out into the yard around the fire pit. Lowe's has exactly what I want, but I cant justify the nearly $600 price right now.

Garden Treasures Palm City 5-Piece Steel Patio Conversation Set
I figure this is one of those things that, to get exactly what I want, we're gonna have to wait for a holiday or off-season sale. I'd also like some kind of storage chest to put the cushions in when not in use, but could double as an extra seat.

4. Grill
Right now we have a tiny grill that can barely fit enough for a 2-person dinner. It fits, you just have to be really careful to not knock the grate the wrong way or someone's dinner may end up very charcoal flavored. We bought the tiny one because it was $10 on sale and we had no idea if we'd really end up grilling much. Well, I can definitely say we do. Grill. A lot. So now we know we want a reasonably-sized large grill.

We prefer charcoal. Mostly because gas gets expensive and explode-y. The husband has recently started looking at the Big Green Egg style of grills, from other cheaper brands, of course.

5. Miska.
  • Along with getting a proper grill, I'd like to build a simple bar top along the railing next to where the grill would set. I'm thinking it would be great to set condiments, plates and utensils, chips, drinks, etc. on when grilling with company. We could even get a couple bar stools to sit at it and eat. 
  • I want to get a sign made to hang over the door that says Cook Cove. 
  • I need to find a good, cheap outdoor fan to put up for the warmer days. 
  • I'd like to plant things around the gazebo to ward off spiders and other bugs.
  • The husband wants a hammock so he can take naps on the gazebo. It would be pretty easy to put hooks up on opposite corners so that it can be taken down when not in use.
  • Speakers- this would be part of another backyard project, but it would be nice to put little speakers up in the gazebo. I'm imagining lounging half asleep while the K-PAX soundtrack plays softly and the wind is gently blowing the curtains.

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