Friday, April 8, 2016

5 Friday: Livin' for the Weekend!

Anyone else remember the Weekenders?

Well, it's that time again. My weekend to-do list! Because you love knowing what I have planned to do, right? RIGHT???

1. Garden
Daddy and the husband are awesome and got my raised garden put together this week so now I just need to add dirt and plant stuff! It's still to early and chilly to direct-plant much yet. I've got my tomatoes, onions, and peppers growing inside. I need to go ahead and start my herbs and other veggies inside.

2. Garden Part 2
I'm going to finally take apart the flower bed that's next to the garage and use the dirt from it to fill my garden. The bed has a crumbling rock wall (because I kicked at it to see how easy it would be to take apart) and is above the foundation of the garage, so it's created some leakage into the garage that needs repaired. There are Irises and Hostas growing in the bed so I'll have to transplant those eventually, but for now I'm gonna try to just dig around them.

3. Backyard
Yes, the garden and flower bed I spoke of above are in the backyard, but this is something else. Last weekend I trimmed all ornamental grass and its remains are still laying all over the backyard. I'm gonna get the push-mower out to clean this up.

It looks worse by the back fence, but I didn't take a pic.

Once I get the dead grass out of the way I'll trim up around the ornamental grass so it will look nice and neat once it starts growing tall again.

I also need to clean up the gazebo. All the stuff I've been working with has piled up on it a bit.

4. Front Yard (Why is backyard one word but front yard is two?)
I mowed the front yard last weekend and the husband started cleaning up one of the overgrown flower beds. I want to finish trimming up the flower beds. Oh, and the hedge in front of the house still needs the top trimmed.

It looks horrible right now, but it was overgrown as it was and I've been assured it will start filling back out and look really good.

I also want to repaint the mailbox, but I'm not sure if I'll get to that this weekend. Depends on if I make it to the store to buy paint and how windy it is (if you're not from here, it's been CRAZY windy pretty much since October).

5. Spring Cleaning
The house needs cleaned. I've kinda gotten behind on laundry. Not that it hasn't been done, it just hasn't gotten put away in a while. And I need to change out the Winter and Spring clothes. I need to vacuum. I need to do a deep clean on the bathrooms. I should probably take the curtains down to wash. The windows could use some washing.

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