Monday, April 11, 2016

Cat Midwife

Sunday morning I woke up to my sister calling to tell me Fury was in labor, she and Jon were scheduled to volunteer at church, and they couldn't leave the nieceling home alone, so could the husband and I come out to watch the cat and kid?

Cue me jumping in the shower then rushing to get ready and be out of the house by 7:15 (note that she called at 6:50). We had to stop for gas and bad gas station coffee (no good coffee shops were open yet). We got to her house a little after 8 and the nieceling stuck her head out the window to tell us that Fury just had her first 2 kittens.

At first Fury didn't seem to know what to make of the crying kittens and just kinda laid to the side while they searched for her. It took probably 45 minutes for her to start snuggling them. I think she was still uncomfortable and hoping for the rest to come out first.

We hung out in the niecelings bedroom floor. She played with her tablet while the husband slept and I texted with my sister.

A little after 4 hours later, Fury finally had her 3rd kitten. While we were ooing and awwing over how gross it was she started having her 4th one. It was pretty exciting and disgusting. I recorded it for my sister to watch, but I won't post it 'cuz it's pretty gross.

There's 2 orange, one white-ish (apparently it looks more cream today), and one black. The white-ish one was born first and the black one born last. It was pretty adorable because the black one kept putting its arm around the white-ish one. Fury is the cutest little kitty-mama.

We hung out at my sister's house until 5ish playing games, eating food, and adoring the kittens. And fun was had by all (except Fury, who had pain, poor baby.)

I told the husband that I've finally found my calling. Cat midwife. People can just pay me to hang out with their pregnant cats all the time.

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