Monday, April 4, 2016

There's Baloney in Our Slacks

Last night the husband and I watched Animaniacs together for the first time.

Netflix added the entire Animaniacs series. I'm pretty ecstatic because it is my all-time favorite cartoon series EVER in ever. The husband obviously loves it, too. The series includes some of his absolute favorite voice actors.

We were laying on the couch watching Animaniacs, singing along with the songs, and laughing at all the jokes (which we could quote along with). And it struck me, in the 10+ years we've known each other, we had never watched Animaniacs together. We both knew how much we loved the show and have watched little clips on YouTube, but had never actually watched an episode together. Mainly, because the last time either of us probably saw the show was 2 decades ago when it was still on tv and we didn't exist in each other's worlds yet (we were only 10 and 11).

So, last night we bonded over Animaniacs. If only Netflix would get Boy Meets World, then we could bond over another favorite I'm not sure if we've ever watched together. (He tried watching Girl Meets World with me and felt it too cringe-worthy. Note: season 2 is coming to Netflix next weekend!)

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