Monday, May 9, 2016

Litterbox Rug

I'm constant realizing how spoiled we were with just Missy. She's such a well behaved and clean cat. The kittens have been a reality check. Not to say I love them any less. 'Cuz I love all my kitties like crazy-woah.

We don't really have "litterbox problems," but we have problems with the girls involving the litterbox. Mostly, Marnie doesn't cover her poop (there's no solution to this) and if we forget to clean Kaylee's preferred litterbox for a couple days she'll poop in front of it instead of in it (we now keep Litter Genies by both boxes and scoop them daily to avoid Kaylee's fussiness.). Also, the girls are a mess and the get litter EVERYWHERE.

I bought this coir door mat from Target thinking the roughness of it would help scrape the litter of the kitties' feet and keep the litter from being knocked into the floor. I should also be able to vacuum it out without too much trouble.

We have 2 litterboxes and this mat was just the right size to cut into 2 pieces to fit in front of both.

 Kaylee helped hold the mat in place while I cut it.

She then inspected my cut. We DIYers of CookCove must be perfectionists.

One of the litterboxes is a Booda Dome, so I cut a piece out of the mat to fit around the entrance and hopefully keep it in place.

See, fits perfect!

Fast action Kaylee trying it out.

Here's the other litterbox. The rug fits snugly in place. The curtain on the right pulls mostly closed to make sure they have to exit using the mat (plus it keeps the litterbox hidden).

Quick and simple solution for messy kitties. So far it seems to be working. We have slightly less litter all over the bathroom floors.

Also, excuse the terrible pictures. I wasn't feeling good and just wanted to make sure I documented what I did so I could share it with you.

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