Monday, May 23, 2016

Springfield Coffee Fest 2016

Saturday we went to the first annual Springfield Coffee Fest. We had no idea what to expect, but it turned out pretty awesome.

Basically, it was a majority of the coffee shops (local, not franchised) from around the area set up at Farmer's Park sampling their best coffees. We went from booth to booth sampling delicious coffees ranging from light to dark roast, iced to specialty.

I don't do selfies often, so excuse me for looking doofy. That's my adorable little dwarf sunflower between us. You can see the setup behind us. I think there were about 10 or so shops that participated.

After sampling from every shop (however, not every single coffee because WAY too much caffeine), we got to vote for the following categories (winner in parenthesis):

Best Coffee Shop (KeenBean Coffee Roasters)
Dark Roast (Travellers House Coffee & Tea)
House Blend (The Coffee Ethic)
Medium Roast (Eurasia Coffee & Tea)
Regional Roast (B2 Cafe)
Slow Brew (KeenBean Coffee Roasters)

It was a really fun event and I hope it actually is annual. I saw on their event page that some people were complaining about the $10/person entrance fee. I'm pretty cheap and I didn't consider that expensive, but it was to benefit Safe and Sober so it's not like anyone was really making much money off the event.

As the husband said, "It was the best $10 cup of coffee I've had."

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