Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Window Seat Cushion

A while back my sister got a new-to-her couch and got rid of her awesome old orange couch, but not before I snagged the giant cushion from it! I've been wanting to get a cushion that properly fits on the window seat, but with this I could save money by making one. Also, awesome orange fabric

Oddly enough, I couldn't find any zippers on the cushion. It was apparently intended to not be taken apart, so I had to cut the edges of the fabric open to pull the cushion out. In doing so, I discovered it's actually 2 cushions.

I really only needed one cushion (it's really thick) so I've got an extra to figure out something to do with later. I'm thinking floor cushions for when we have more company than we have seats.

I measured my window seat and marked where I would need to cut on the cushion.

The problem was that marking the cushion was way easier than actually cutting the cushion. I had planned to use a box knife, but I couldn't even get through the top layer of batting. After some patience and spending way more time on this than I had planned, I finally got the cushion cut down to size with scissors.

This is before I trimmed it for depth.

Once I got the cushion cut, I had just the right size lift to do a little trimming to make a pillow to lean against.

I want to eventually make a fitted case to go over the cushion, but for now I've wrapped it in some fabric. As added protection, because I have cats and cats hack up hairballs in the most annoying places, I wrapped the cushion in a cheap plastic table cloth first. The pillow fit in a regular pillow case no problem.

As you can see, it's kitty approved!

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