Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I Made a Bench

A couple weeks ago we stopped at a church yard sale where we picked up 4 dining chairs for $10. As soon as I saw them and the price I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

They were in very good shape. The previous owner had recovered the seats and they were kinda dirty from use, but it didn't matter since I wasn't going to use the seats.

Fourth chair not pictured since I'm going to do something else to it later

I took the seats off and cleaned off any dirt.

 I used the leftover high gloss paint I had used on the mailbox to paint them. Well, for the first coat. Then I decided all the different angles were way too much hassle to paint by hand so I bought some white glossy spray paint.

FYI, in case you weren't aware (like me), there's a really handy spray paint grip attachment you can get for, like, $3 so you don't have to press the nozzle with your finger while painting. This would have been good to know over a week ago when I was doing this because the tip of my right index finger is still numb. Turns out spray painting without the attachment can cause temporary nerve compression damage. I'm waiting to find out how long "temporary" is because this is annoying! It's all tingly and cold.

After the chairs were all painted white, I painted the backs an accent color to match the stained glass window in the front door of the mudroom where my bench was going to sit.

We had some wood in the garage I was planning to use for the seat. We don't have a saw so I was going to borrow my dad's. He was over on Memorial day cutting wood for another project so he cut the wood for the seat for me (then took it home to do some trimming, filled some holes, and sanded it because he's that awesome of a dad). He was going to have me do the cutting, but while he was showing me how to do it I kept backing away so he thought I was scared of the saw. It was actually that, thanks to all the rain, humidity, and my allergies, I could already barely breathe and the idea of breathing in the sawdust wasn't pleasant, so he nicely did it for me (super green!).

I painted the wood for the seat white. I decide to paint the edges with the accent color (not pictured).

Other than cutting the wood, I almost managed to do the project entirely on my own. But I'm a girl that lacks upper-body strength and couldn't manage to get the screws in to attach everything so I had to enlist the husband's help in the end.

Once it was all put together we put grippers on the bottom so it won't scratch up the floor. And it was done!

Set of 4 chairs: $10
White paint: $0 (already owned)
Spray paint: $2.88 ($0.96 x 3)
Accent paint: $2.48
Wood: $0 (already owned)
Screws: $0 (from my dad)
Grippers: $2.16
Grand total: $17.52

So, 2 weeks and less than $20 later, I have a cute little bench in the mudroom. Super handy for putting on/taking off dirty or when shoes and setting groceries on.

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