Friday, July 22, 2016

5 Friday: Things I Love That They're Things

1. You Are Here by Jenny Lawson
Who knew the Bloggess would turn out to be an amazing artist. She created a coloring book from her therapy "doodles" that's releasing in March, currently on pre-order.
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2. Young House Love Has a Podcast
And that's exactly what it's called. Life has felt a little empty since YHL stopped posting regularly almost 2 years ago. They started posting again about once a month last fall, which is fantastic, but they recently started a podcast that is my new favorite podcast. Okay, well, actually, I never listened to podcasts before YHL's, but it's peaking my interest. They basically talk about stuff they've read about interior design and DIY, they interview a well known DIYer/designer/blogger, play some games, and are just the quirky John and Sherry Petersik we've (the YHL fans) have come to know and love.

I've been DLing and listening while I do yard work. It's a good way to pass time and listen to something other than the same album on repeat (mostly She & Him Classics).

3. Wil Wheaton's Mensa Speech
Wil Wheaton recently gave a speech at Mensa about what makes him a geek and how anxiety and depression lie. In explaining what makes him a geek he points out that geek culture is so widely accepted today that defining what makes someone a geek has become fairly difficult. But this is cool, because think of all the kids growing up today that are totally accepted for liking things that we were made fun of as kids for liking.

It's a really good (and long) read; however, if you do go read it, please note he tends to use offensive language, but between the unnecessary adjectives is a really good speech.

4. Welcome to Night Vale
I realize this has been around since 2013 and I'm late to the game, but like I mentioned above, YHL peaked my interest in podcasts so I finally checked this one out. So far I've only listed to the pilot, but I think I'm hooked, if only because Cecil Baldwin's voice is wonderful. If you don't know Night Vale, it's a podcast presented as a radio show about a small desert town full of conspiracies. Pretty much Twin Peaks without the mill and waterfall, but so far no one has died (who knows once I get past the first episode).

5. Bob Ross
I remember watching Bob Ross on PBS as a kid and occasionally coming across it over the years, but it's on Netflix now and that is awesome. We started watching it the other night when I had a headache because nothing else sounded good and not annoying. He has a very soothing voice. But, other than that, it was absolutely fascinating to watch him paint. He makes it look so easy and he does it so quick. He would be panting a tree or a wave and I'd look away for a moment and then back to discover head had suddenly painted a pond or a rock. His little happy trees just suddenly appear! My new favorite phrase is "Shoot! That's fun."

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