Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Pixelated Cake

Last year work stress kind of took over my life for the few months I would typically be planning the husband's birthday so I had no energy to brain much outside of work. What I had wanted to plan as an epic 30th birthday party sort of spluttered out into attending a RiffTrax Live show and a box of donuts.

This year I intended to make up for that. I usually try to come up with a really awesome cake but this year I couldn't decide, so I told this husband come up with an idea to challenge me (so long as it was actually within my realm of doing). He requested a pixelated Mario cake.

The original plan was to create individual pixels with square cupcakes, but that would have taken over 100 cupcakes. I considered putting 4 pixels on each one, but that was still in the 40 range. So I went a different direction and made one large square cake covered in pixelated images using mini M&Ms.

This took WAY longer than expected. I didn't actually look at the clock, but I think it was close to 2 hours just sitting there putting the M&Ms on. It took a full bag's worth on M&Ms and 2 cans of frosting. Worth it.

I dare you to find the error in this one.

Here's a reveal video so you can see how it's all put together. That's a cat Mario on top.

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