Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Goodbyes and Introductions

The husband and I are launching a new thing tomorrow.

With this launch, I say goodbye to GeekishlyApropos. Well, not the screen name. Just the blog. I will indefinitely be GeekishlyApropos. Until the potential day that some other screen name becomes more apropos.

I'm pretty excited about our new thing. We've been talking about this for a couple years and the husband came up with the name "Critical Mrs. and Mr." a little over a year ago. We recently decided to take the plunge into the blogging/streaming world together because why not? You gotta stop talking and actually do at some point.

We're gonna start off slow to see how much content per week we can handle. For now, our schedule looks like this-

Gaming live stream via Facebook

New post!

Gaming live stream via Facebook

Geek in Review

So, we're gonna live stream us playing games (board games, video games, computer games, other formats if they exist), we're gonna blog about geeky topics of interest to us (shows, comics, games, DIYs, etc.), and we're just gonna generally have fun being geeky together. If you're intersted, please come by and check us out. We officially launch at 1 p.m. CST tomorrow (September 1, 2016).

You can find us in all these places-
Website: (if this sticks we'll get a custom URL)

And, on that note, I've loved this blog for the last 6 years and I'll probably miss it. Thanks for reading.

Okay, bye now.

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